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Community Arts
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Community Arts is an incredibly broad area; it can encompass all manner of art forms and practices, and involve people of all ages. Generally, a Community Arts activity is one that aims to help people discover their own creativity, and gets them motivated to try new things, learn new skills, and start thinking about how they could make their communities a better place to live.

Whether you’re looking for advice about how to turn your ideas into reality, want to know where you can go to learn a particular skill, or hoping to get a group of like-minded people together to do something creative in your community, our Community Arts Officer is a great place to start.

Jenny Gilbertson

Community Arts Officer Jenny Gilbertson

Community Arts maintains a database for council with details of creative talent across our region and beyond. If you are an artist (emerging or professional) and would like to be included on the database, get in touch and tell us what you do. Then again, you might be looking for just the right person for a creative project and are not sure how to find them. Whether you’re after a visual artist, a writer, performer or musician, there’s a good chance we might be able to recommend an artist to suit.


Bundaberg region knitting up a storm – 2014

Loani Prior, All Form and No Function, 2013

Who would have thought; knitting … crochet … surely no-one would be very interested in doing that anymore? Well, think again! This project started out as a small ‘teaser’ event to highlight the Portraits of a Tea Cosy exhibition at BRAG and grew into a two month long knit-a-thon across the region! After an initial call out for knitters interested in doing something ‘unusual’ and a few meetings to discuss ideas, three yarn bombing groups were formed. K1P1 operated in the Buxton, Childers and Woodgate areas; Oakwool covered North Bundaberg and Bundaberg Central; and the Ninja Knitters hit the coast at Bargara. It all kicked off on 1 April and continued right through until the end of May, with a wild assortment of knitted critters, flowers, trees, books, bollard covers and even 2-wheeled vehicles. Many of the anonymous knitters developed a particular fancy for making food items, including an entire knitted shopping trolley full of goodies!

A few primary schools also joined in and began some knitting of their own, and the Ninja Knitters inspired the formation of the Kindy Knitting Ninjas after they ‘yarn bombed’ a local child care centre! And what happened to all those knitted novelties? They were auctioned off at the end of May to raise money for charity.

Festival of Small Halls – 2013

Wallaville Hall

Wallaville Hall

Facilitated the inaugural Festival of Small Halls event at Wallaville. The Festival of Small Halls is coordinated by the Queensland Folk Federation, in association with the Festival of Small Halls, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Social Inclusion Week – 2013

Assisted with arts based activities for this annual regional project, celebrating the diversity of our region.

Phoenix House Lantern workshop – 2013

Provided tuition in lantern making for clients of Phoenix House (a community based organisation working for the prevention of sexual violence), and assistance producing a banner for Reclaim the Night.

Wide Bay High Desert – 2013

Wide Bay High Desert at CHARTS in 2013

Wide Bay High Desert at CHARTS in 2013

Initiated and assisted in the development of an international exchange exhibition between CHARTS and Unsettled Gallery in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA, involving artists from the Wide Bay region and regional New Mexico.

OLGETA and Ol’ Meri Wantok Festivals – 2013

Traditional South Sea Islander carving demonstration

Traditional South Sea Islander carving demonstration

Assisted Bundaberg South Sea Islander communities to develop a large event celebrating 150 years since the first Kanaka labourers were brought to Queensland (Ol’ Meri Wantok formed part of the main OLGETA Festival but with a focus on Papua New Guinea). A series of workshops and demonstrations in traditional building techniques, dance, body decoration, wood carving and various weaving techniques were held in the lead up to and during the Bundaberg Multicultural Festival.

In My Eyes – 2012

In My Eyes @ CHARTS

In My Eyes @ CHARTS

In My Eyes was a collaborative photographic project between St Joseph’s School, Childers, ABC Open, Wide Bay and Childers Arts Space. Through a series of workshops, students from years 6 and 7 were taught about the elements needed to take a successful photograph using digital cameras, and encouraged to tell the story behind the images they created. Students and staff were also interviewed and filmed during the project, enabling the story to be shared through a blog. Photographs were then selected for a curated exhibition at CHARTS, which opened during the Crush Festival. St Joseph’s School also produced a small book about the project for all the students involved.

Bridges for Mental Health – 2012

Discussions about the best way to assist members work towards an exhibition resulted in two local artists being employed over a number of months to tutor in a variety of visual arts media. The artists also worked with members to provide them with the skills needed to be able to put on an exhibition. A very successful show was subsequently held at the Bundaberg School of Arts and Bridges members went on to hold other exhibitions in the region.